Since the Ancient Greeks, marketplaces have been gathering places where people of similar interests come together to exchange information, goods and services. While the modern marketplace has moved from the village square to websites, it still serves the same purpose: bringing buyers and sellers together so that purchases can be made.

While the purpose has remained the same, the demands of a marketplace portal requires more than just providing space for people to make transactions. Marketplace solutions require that you align state of the art technology with your business strategy, take advantage of opportunities in your markets, continually innovate the products that are sold, and can scale your business along with the development of your customer base. We know how to build a marketplace website and can help you succeed without locking you in to a long-term deal.

Why should you go for a custom marketplace software ?

Your online marketplace business can’t be generic. It needs to be customised to your customer’s needs and your intentions. You need to do the following:

Align Technology & Business

A marketplace site is not defined by its software, but by the services it provides to its buyers and sellers. Technology evolves, but the users experience must always be exceptional. We will help you find the best technology for exceeding expectations, while keeping you agile to adopt future innovative features.

Business Opportunities

When you create a marketplace website, your buyers and sellers are partners. A customised, focused marketplace allows you to find opportunities that larger competitors can’t capture. Your buyers and sellers form a network, where if properly harnessed, can alert you to opportunities that larger companies won’t see until it is too late.

Boost Product Innovation

Building customised multi-vendor marketplace software allows you to do the things generic websites cannot. To stand out you need to provide an experience that is distinct and unmatched. That means adjusting the UX/UI of the marketplace to fit your specific business model and community.

Scale Your Business

Scale Your Business

Generic marketplace websites are good for small companies looking to get a quick start, but it provides a poor foundation for later growth as they are hard to adjust to realities of scaling. A customised two sided online marketplace software allows for agility to address whatever new opportunities you encounter.

No Lock-In

No Lock-In

Many marketplace agencies lock companies in so that no matter what happens going forward, they are going to own a part of your business. We don't believe in that; your marketplace portal is yours alone. We are here to help you grow and serve your buyers and sellers better.

The Most Popular Features We Built For Our Clients Since 2012

Great marketplace website design allows you to support a buyer/seller community, promote a diversity of products; and manage and facilitate sales. The following can help you achieve those goals.

Financial flows :

Facilitating financial transactions is crucial. We know how to make it secure, easy, and efficient.

Search engine : 

Whatever your clients’ motivation, we have the schema that will make finding the right products easy.

Messaging : 

Let your buyers and sellers talk to each other, and watch your marketplace grow.

Listings : 

Make selling and renting easy with superior listing functionality on your marketplace platform.

Booking system : 

We can build a system that will increase customers buy in when they check out.

Reputation : 

Protect your reputation by helping your vendors monitor and protect theirs.

Admin interface :

Control your market, protect your reputation, with a clean and efficient administrative interface.

Shipping : 

Build a customisable shipping protocol to make delivery easy for your buyers and sellers.


Speak your clients’ language, quote prices in their currency; adjust your platform to your market, don’t make your market adjust to you.

Mobile friendly: 

Keep your marketplace moving forward by optimising for mobile.


Don’t get lost in the crowd; optimise your Search Engine Optimisation so your customers find you.


Keep track of the metrics that matter the most to you by building a customised analytics dashboard for your marketplace.

Best Technology Under the hood

Best Technology Under the hood

Building an online marketplace platform that fulfils your buyers’ and sellers’ expectations involves significant technical challenges. You must manage complex financial flows, deal with different types of customers, while simultaneously maximising your SEO. As your users and the technology that you built your platform evolves, so must you.

Choosing the right technology for your needs is vitally important to us. We regularly perform analyses of new technologies so we can better address our clients’ challenges.

Rapid Iterations

Rapid Iterations

We are practitioners of Agile and Lean processes when we work with our clients. These processes allow your marketplace to be flexible and adjust to the needs of your customers as they grow and evolve. It lets your marketplace to be continually responsive and current.

Entrepreneurs are required to keep iterating to build better products to find those advantages that are crucial for success. We know how to iterate and will help you succeed.

Our successful marketplace startups

This projet is about an online ticket marketplace for ticket resale. It needed an interface that adjusted results for a user based on the events they discovered in prior searches and their preferred ticket types. With our help, they identified a highly profitable segment, cut churn rate in half in six months, and increased their conversion rate by 3x and increased turnover by 10 orders of magnitude in eight months.

Yearly Turnover increase
+10 912%
Yearly Conversion increase

This project is about a car park sharing marketplace. It needed to account for information reported by marketers and salespeople to design, incorporate best practices, and identify new features to create a solution to help their clients. With our help, they were able to decrease the number of unsuccessful car park queries by five times, increase turnover by an order of magnitude, and increase repeat purchases by four times.

Turnover increase in 2017
Retention rate in 2017
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Like the story ? Let's make yours.

We improved opportunities of success for more than 20 marketplace startups the last year. Let's create the product that will make your business a successful story too.

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