Challenges for marketplace entrepreneurs

Nine out of ten marketplace startups fail, mostly due to lack of:
  • Product/market fit
  • Sufficient budget planning
  • Digital business experience
  • Effective user strategies
  • Technical expertise
Pitfalls of turnkey (SaaS) solutions:
  • Generic user experience
  • Inflexible user flows
  • Low scalability
  • Limited revenue options
  • Limited features

Why custom marketplace development?

Generic templates, offered by online marketplace builders, may not support your business goals or meet your users' needs, which can sink your marketplace. Here are four good reasons for a custom solution:

Better user customisation

Custom marketplace software allows you to create functionalities, features and user flows that best serve your users.

Identify business opportunities

A custom development process makes it easier to identify growth opportunities based on user behaviour.

Align technology & business

An experienced developer will suggest the right technology to give your marketplace concept the best chance at success.

Scale your business

Generic templates can work for quick small-scale experiments, but provide a poor foundation for later growth.

Do you have a list of features in mind?

We can help you identify and create the right features for your marketplace.

Successful marketplace startups

that we have worked with


FanPass is a B2C marketplace for buying and selling tickets to sports and entertainment events worldwide. They needed advanced features, like dynamic search results based on users' prior searches and preferred event types, to help the platform grow.


Increase in Turnover



Increase in Conversions


Adrien, Executive Director

“It’s really reassuring to work with a company that makes managing complexity easy and enjoyable."


Two-week iteration cycles

Your customers' needs will evolve over time. We use a Lean Agile process to develop flexible, scalable marketplaces that can adapt to changing user needs and grow with your business. Rapid iteration based on user analysis keeps your marketplace current and responsive.

Powerful technologies under the hood

There are significant technical challenges to building an online marketplace that meets your users’ expectations. Complex financial flows, user onboarding, product navigation, platform performance, technical SEO and other features have to work in perfect harmony.

For the best outcomes you need a development partner that can recommend, adapt and implement technologies that will evolve with your business and users.

Building a successful marketplace can be tough

Increase your chances of success by partnering with the marketplace development experts.

Our marketplace development services

Web development

We use the latest technology and powerful features to build digital platforms that are geared for rapid growth.

UI/UX design

We employ in-depth user research and heuristic testing to design intuitive experiences that captivate your marketplace audience.


We uncover the factors that are important to your users to build a measurement framework that will help your marketplace succeed.