Sterling is a comprehensive background check solution that offers fast turnaround times, an international footprint, and customisable options.

Who uses this technology?

General usage

Some applications require user background checks that go beyond mere identity verification. This could include criminal history, credit report, education, employment history, previous addresses, and personal or professional reference checks. 

Background checks are most often used to vet job applicants and tenants, with risk mitigation and regulatory compliance also playing a role. They can be used to make dating sites safer and reduce legal liability, for example making sure a moving company’s truck driver doesn’t have a substance abuse problem. Screening certifications or professional licences such as for nursing may be required by law.

A sound background solution for digital applications should tick a few boxes before being adopted:

  • The information provided should be accurate.
  • Turnaround times should be quick for it to be scalable.
  • It should offer the right reports for the business case.
  • It should be cost-effective; a modular offering means only paying for the reports that are required.
  • Cross-border applications require a solution with an international footprint.
  • It should be legally compliant, by, for instance, getting consent from applicants, giving them the right to review and dispute inaccuracies, and keeping personal data secure.

Sterling checks all the above boxes and more. It offers customisable service options for small, medium and large enterprises, including packages created for specific industries. 


Both PCMag and TechRadar have included Sterling in their 2021 list of top background check solutions. According to Sterling it is used by more than half of Fortune 100 companies and 40,000 companies globally.

Marketplace benefits

Marketplaces can use background checks to build a competitive advantage. This can take the form of offering a safer environment than competitors, especially in sharing economy platforms like ride hailing or accommodation rentals. It can also be used to improve inventory quality in service marketplaces, by vetting service providers on freelance platforms for example.

Sterling’s marketplace and gig economy package includes criminal background checks, identity verification and ongoing monitoring. It will for example notify a ride hailing platform like UZURV if there’s any changes in a driver’s criminal record or licence status.

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