Sentry helps developers fix and optimise web and mobile applications through performance monitoring and error tracking of both front-and backend code.

Who uses this technology?

General usage

With Sentry developers can spot and fix issues quicker, helping them build better applications faster. It can be used with all major programming languages, frameworks, and libraries.

It is more powerful than simple error logging, because it contextualises issues by highlighting the impact of errors and where they originate from. Developers can for example trace a front-end error back to the backend issue that caused it. 

It speeds up development by channeling notifications of issues to the developers responsible for that particular code. Issues can be assigned to developers straight from Sentry.

Sentry not only supports faster, more thorough application development. Its pre-emptive approach means less buggy application releases which in turn increases user adoption and engagement. 



Sentry is the #1 exception monitoring tool on Stackshare.

Marketplace benefits

Food delivery platform, DoorDash, handles millions of orders from over 50,000 restaurants across web, iOS, and Android platforms. Rapid growth and a huge tech stack made it challenging to track where errors originated from and enforce a common approach to solving issues. Sentry helped them contextualise errors so that teams could collaborate more productively in fixing them.

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