Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free data analytics service that helps web and mobile applications track, segment, and analyse real-time user behaviour data.

Who uses this technology?

General usage

Google Analytics’ ubiquitous presence in the digital universe is due to its easy implementation (just add an auto-generated code snippet to your application), its many uses (it provides insights for marketing, sales, development and design functions), and its painless integration with other Google and third-party tools.

Use it to:

  • Evaluate the performance of your content, and products or services. Are visitors engaging with content by scrolling all the way through a blog post or clicking call-to-action links? 
  • Evaluate the performance of your marketing strategy. Which campaigns or acquisition channels are driving traffic?
  • Optimise your platform for search engines by linking with Google Search Console. Which keywords and pages are driving organic traffic to your platform?
  • Evaluate your product or service offerings. Which product categories or services are converting into sales?
  • Monitor your application’s technical performance. Are users bouncing away due to slow load speeds or lack of responsiveness on mobile devices?
  • Track visitor behaviour to understand how they interact with your application’s design. Where on the page should you put a call to action? Which navigation structure drives the most conversions?

The above are just a few general examples of insights that can be gathered with Google Analytics. Data points can be segmented and combined in many different ways to analyse specific user funnels.

Google Analytics can provide even more insights when it is combined with other data sets. Use data visualisation tools like Data Studio to blend data from Google Ads or a CRM to create a more detailed picture of your business. 


Google Analytics is the leading tool for audience analysis:

Source: Wappalyzer

Marketplace benefits

Google Analytics can be used to track many marketplaces metrics such as monthly active  users,  bounce rates,  liquidity (visits / conversions), and time on platform. It is particularly handy to determine where in the shopping or checkout funnels customers drop off.  

CobbleWeb used Google Analytics to track art marketplace, Affordable Art Fair’s key performance indicators, such as traffic sources, conversion rates, and average spend per customer. These KPIs helped us to quantify improvements due to platform upgrades and optimisation, e.g 65% increase in customer spend.

Minted is an online marketplace for independent artists and designers. Insights gained from Google Analytics data helped them to optimise their platform and content, which contributed to a 400% increase in year-on-year revenue.

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