KeyNest is a smart key exchange solution that automates secure access to properties for short-term rental operators, estate agents and others.

Who uses this technology?

General usage

KeyNest solves a major headache for organisations and people that have to provide guests, contractors, cleaners and others temporary access to properties. Their platform automates a secure process that can be managed remotely via an app.

How it works:

  1. On the KeyNest platform choose from 1000s of local stores or an automatic locker location
  2. Book your drop off and collection codes
  3. Drop the keys off when it suits you (no more rushing or staying up late)
  4. Email or text the guest or cleaner the collection details, i.e. the store/locker location and the code
  5. They can collect the keys at the store or locker with the code
  6. When they are done they simply drop off the keys at the store or locker
  7. You receive auto notifications via email when keys are collected or returned

The advantages of the KeyNest platform include:

  • Accessibility – 24/7 access and online support service.
  • Trackability – keys can be logged in and out with your phone by scanning an IoT fob that shares GPS data with the KeyNest app.
  • Security – time limits can be added to codes so that guests can’t check in earlier. or hand the code to someone else after their departure.
  • Scalability – unlimited key collections are available.
  • Recoverable – staff or contractors are notified automatically as soon as their keys become overdue.
  • Timesaving – no more running around after overdue or lost keys or waiting for guests to pitch up.
  • Better user experience – guests can collect keys when it suits them
  • Automation – API integrations let you automatically generate and share collection codes with your guests every time a booking is confirmed. 

Marketplace benefits

CobbleWeb automated property access for two groups for our client Nestify, a rental property management platform.  

Time-lapse codes are automatically sent to cleaners once they accept a shift with which to open a key lockbox. When the keys are returned to the lockbox the code expires. ​

Guests receive a collection code with which they can collect the keys at a designated store close to the property.  Property managers are automatically notified when keys are collected or returned.

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