Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a free digital platform where online retailers can upload product data that determine how their product inventory appears across Google.

Who uses this technology?

General usage

The main reason for Google Merchant Center’s existence is to ensure that your product info, like price and availability, is correct when shown to potential customers across Google’s paid and unpaid services: Google Shopping, Google Search, local inventory ads (offline products only) and Shopping Actions (sell across Google Images, YouTube and voice search).

How it works:

  • Populate the various fields in your Google Merchant Center feed and let Google use this information to automatically generate Shopping ads on your behalf.
  • Google uses the following key fields to determine if a product is relevant to a search query: product title, product image, and product category.
  • Public reviews of your products are integrated into Google Shopping listings.
  • You can automate product updates with a scheduled fetch of a data feed file or use an API connection.
  • It’s free to list products on Google Shopping, but they can be further promoted with paid ads.
  • You can use promotions – discounted prices, free shipping or free gifts – on free and paid Google Shopping listings to offer special deals to prospects.

There are some excellent reasons to have accurate product listings on Google Shopping. Firstly, it allows you to reach a global audience in 90 countries. Forty percent of consumers say they use Google to find the best deals. 

Google Merchant Center creates holistic reports that show how you’re doing across Google’s ecosystem.Its Opportunities page provides actionable insights on pricing, merchandising and ways to improve your product data or campaigns to drive more clicks.


Google Shopping showcases 24 billion product listings from millions of merchants worldwide!

Marketplace benefits

We combined Google Merchant Center with Snowplow (collect & model data), and Amazon Kinesis (capture & analyse streaming data) to build a data pipeline for Affordable Art Fair’s marketplace platform. Data is moved from Snowplow and Kinesis to Google Merchant Center for marketing automation and personalisation. This has helped AAF to increase user engagement two- to three-fold.

Turkey’s largest marketplace platform, Trendyol, used Google Merchant Center to drive an 8 – 15% increase in conversions. It refined Google Shopping ads with product feed rules to get its portfolio of popular products in front of potential customers across Google’s platforms.

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