Zendesk is a customer service platform that provides seamless help desk support across multiple communication channels.

Who uses this technology?

General usage

We all know how important a great user experience is for any application’s success. However, it is often forgotten how important customer service is as part of the overall user experience. 

A sound customer service experience is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it can be a competitive advantage when compared to similar platforms. Secondly, it strengthens the iterative feedback loop that drives better product-market fit. Thirdly, for marketplaces, it can improve seller quality control, by enforcing minimum service levels.

At its core, a customer service system should make it easy for users to log tickets and find solutions to issues from wherever and whenever their needs arise. Zendesk does this by centralising all support channels on one platform. Its omnichannel approach means users can access customer service via email, text, live chat, mobile app, social media or phone. 

With Zendesk you can automate many repetitive tasks to free up resources. Queries are automatically routed to the appropriate person (as a trackable ticket) or information repository based on preset business rules. Knowledge bases can be hosted as self-service information portals or combined with AI-driven chatbots for a faster interactive service.

The customer service team can work more efficiently with prefilled templates that include customers’ details as well as their transaction and interaction histories. Zendesk can be integrated with hundreds of applications for a seamless exchange of information, e.g. CRMs, shipping platforms or project management tools like Jira.

Each ticket can be integrated with reporting dashboards by way of automated surveys or service ratings.


Zendesk is the most popular help desk application on Stackshare and the highest rated on G2.

Marketplace benefits

Many of our marketplace clients use Zendesk as a help desk for platform issues. It allows buyers and sellers to log tickets in different categories which are then automatically allocated to the appropriate administrators. 

We use widgets, JavaScript and APIs to ensure a smooth journey between the platform and Zendesk. For example, when an issue is reported, additional information such as the order identification number is automatically retrieved .

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