Cube.js is an open-source analytical API platform for custom business intelligence tools, such as marketing dashboards, and customer-facing analytics features, such as sales stats in seller dashboards.

Who uses this technology?

General usage

Companies use Cube.js to create a semantic API layer on top of their databases to act as an analytics backend. This simplifies the translation of business logic (e.g. metrics) into SQL. It also manages the caching and queuing of data as well as database connections. 

With the back-end infrastructure taken care of, developers can focus on integrating data visualisations with user dashboards. Since Cube.js is visualisation agnostic, you can use any frontend library to build custom user interfaces.

Cube.js supports most database types and can be run in any environment. It can also generate a customisable dashboard app that can be integrated with the rest of your frontend architecture.

Cube.js therefore speeds up the development of business intelligence tools, while allowing lots of flexibility for frontend visualisation of data.


Cube.js is backed by heavy-weight VC firms like Bain Capital and Slack Fund.

Marketplace benefits

CobbleWeb has used Cube.js to build high-performance business intelligence dashboards for our clients. For instance, we combined it with Snowplow Analytics and other tools to build a data pipeline for Affordable Art Fair, a global art marketplace. 

This gave them a user-friendly way to extract, visualise and manage granular marketing data. Marketing campaigns designed with the improved data contributed to a two to three fold increase in user engagement.

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