ActiveCampaign is a cloud-based customer experience platform that provides email, marketing, sales and customer service automation tools for SMEs.

Who uses this technology?

General usage

ActiveCampaign’s main selling point is that it automates the whole customer funnel from marketing and sales to customer service. Its products include email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation and a CRM.

Omnichannel marketing is another strong aspect of ActiveCampaign’s offering. Organisations can support customer engagement across all channels – email, SMS, landing pages, social, and chat – with automated workflows:

Its email marketing solution can leverage data from the entire customer lifecycle with personalised messages. A drag and drop email template builder includes 125+ responsive templates. More than 500 pre-built automation flows are available, lessening the need for custom coding. Email campaigns can also make use of predictive routing, predictive scheduling, and dynamic content

WhatsApp and SMS messaging allows you to increase customer engagement via the channel customers use the most – their phones. It also enables real-time support and helps to resolve issues faster.

Landing pages for marketing campaigns can be implemented quickly with an intuitive, drag-and-drop builder and customisable templates. Collect customer data with preconfigured forms and chatbots.

Connect with customers across channels with live chat, automated chatbot workflows and a unified inbox  to offer real-time customised support. Conversation threads from email, social media or web chat can be managed in one centralised place to offer a cohesive customer experience. 

Integration with Facebook Custom Audiences allows you to leverage customer data stored by  ActiveCampaign. E.g. reach out with targeted social posts based on a contact’s industry, purchase history, or past email engagements.

ActiveCampaign has a good reputation for email deliverability. It uses spam checks, domain verification, infrastructure scans that check for abuse, ISP and email service provider feedback loops, adherence to compliance requirements, authentication protocols (SPF and DKIM), custom mail server domains, and pre-warmed dedicated IPs.

AcdtiveCampaign’s CRM solution allows organisations to centralise the management of contacts. Team members can quickly update a contact’s details for all channels, access lead histories, and have an overview of the whole sales pipeline. This promotes better collaboration between team members and offers customers a more seamless experience.

The CRM includes other useful features such as lead scoring, integration with hundreds of sales and marketing tools, task assignment, as well as automated lead segmentation, deal updates and sales reports.


ActiveCampaign is used by 150,000 businesses in more than 170 countries. It  is ranked #1 in Marketing Automation by G2 and  TrustRadius.

Marketplace benefits

ActiveCampaign provides early-stage marketplaces with a one-stop shop for managing marketing, sales and customer success. Granular user segmentation, omnichannel communication and quick implementation of different campaign flows make it a perfect fit for testing and growing product-market fit.

We implemented ActiveCampaign to help Affordable Art Fair’s marketing team segment their platform’s users. When users subscribe, information, such as their user location and buying profile, is sent to the ActiveCampaign marketing automation tool. It allows the marketing team to create segmented email lists for more personalised newsletters. 

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