Lead generation

One of the most important prerequisites for marketplace growth is attracting enough demand (buyers) and supply (sellers) to create value for all users.

Marketplace lead generation has come a long way since Brian Chesky and co knocked on people’s doors to ask them if they want to join Airbnb. These days lead generation can be built into product or order flows (to turn leads into buyers) and user flows (to turn leads into active sellers). 

Our client, Affordable Art Fair, uses product enquiries to onboard new art buyers, while Roxlor shares visitor wish lists with their sales team who convert them into clients. This strategy has increased Roxlor’s conversion rate by 500 percent.

Events can be excellent sources of leads. For example, we built a productive lead generation flow to onboard sellers that attended Affordable Art Fair’s physical art fairs. For FanPass, we integrated their marketplace with Ticket-Compare, a price comparison site for event tickets, and CJ Affiliate, an affiliate marketing network, to generate more buyers.

Other lead generation strategies include referral or affiliate programs, competitions, and useful content like a knowledge base. Again for Affordable Art Fair, we integrated a WordPress-based CMS into their platform to send lead generation data from landing pages to a Salesforce CRM.

Piggybacking on another platform with a similar audience can be a quick way to grow your marketplace. Our client, Nestify started out as a complementary Airbnb property management platform.

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