Instant messaging (chat)

Online consumers, including marketplace users, now demand immediacy in on-platform communication. Instant messaging systems can provide that important functionality.

According to Forrester, “53% of US online adults are likely to abandon their online purchase if they can’t find a quick answer to their question”.

This has meant a shift away from delayed email/inbox messages to instantaneous WhatsApp-style messaging. In line with this trend, CobbleWeb offers bespoke messaging systems that support your specific marketplace user flows. Our messaging solutions cater for real-time user-to-user messaging, chat rooms, as well as system messages and automatic notifications.

Our client, IHSS Connect, a peer-to-peer marketplace for in-home care providers, required a custom instant messaging system that also allows users to access group chats. In addition, the client’s external systems (e.g. CRMs such as Salesforce or Hubspot) had to be able to access and re-publish customer service and sales messages. 

Another useful feature of our custom messaging systems is that users can share different types of files such as spreadsheets, PDFs, images, as well as specialised formats such as DWG files for AutoCAD and PSD files for Adobe Photoshop.

Do you have a list of features in mind?

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