The Brief
MobyPark is like AIRBNB but for parking. MobyPark allows individuals and companies such as hotels, banks, etc.. to offer their parking spots on Mobypark’s website and mobile apps. Therefore, drivers can go to the website and mobile apps to easily and at competitive price find parking spots.



Sharing Economy




Digital Strategy


The Challenge
The aim of the project was to better take into account the information reported by marketers and salespeople to design a solution which really helps their targets. In addition, it was crucial to identify features and best practices to improve customer services. The main challenges we were faced with are:

Manage car parks

The publication requires many information and MobyPark wanted to offer a flexible system to provide these information and parking spot availabilities.

Find a car park

The diversity of user scenarios pushes us to balance between simplicity, rich features and speed. On the top of that, we were faced with dramatically different customer journeys on mobile and desktop.


The diversity of pricing, promotion, billing type and currencies has been a great challenge to align precision, speed and robustness. This requirement was strongly reinforced by MobyPark’s will to experiment different promotion model.

Build a community

A great emphasis had to be put on engagement and shaping the future community. The Goal ? Design a User Experience (UX) through the website/mobile that will nurture and sustain a community where users embrasse the company's mantra « Be Happy ».

Our approach to tackle the Challenge

Challenges taken

The entire system was designed with feedback and testing by both owners and drivers and is a first of its kind for the parking industry. This helped create a unique, scrolling digital journey for users to experience. The polish comes in the form of numerous interactions throughout the site – creating interesting features to keep the user engaged with the brand. Each moment of the experience is designed to engage and immerse.

Beautifully designed

In a typically conservative industry, MobyPark wanted to leverage their modern approach with a brand that echoed their evolution. The brand identity created was as revolutionary as their technology, with a bold and minimalist style. The vibrant design reflects the balance of ever-changing technologies, solutions, and relationships.


Discovery Metrics

We’ve implemented a various metrics tools and organised user interviews to determine what’s important for drivers when they look at parking spots and the locations they desired.


Metrics for Marketing / Growth Hacking


We compared the performance of traffic acquisition sources and we focused on how to optimise the conversation rate for acquiring car parks and clients.


Technical Metrics

We tracked the Website/Apps speed, Form errors, Transaction errors, Server errors, Log in errors, API errors and Pay out errors. These trackers were essential to make sure there are not technical barriers to the purchase or to publish a parking.


UX/UI Metrics


Park owner has to provide more than 15 set of data to publish a car park. We analyzed:

  • what users filled before they left the site/apps
  • how much time it took them to complete the form
  • the accuracy of the information provided
  • the feature adoption according to the user experience with the site/apps
  • if they click as expected
  • summarized questions rose with regard to publish / manage a car park
The Result

The business goals are just as important as the functionality. Like personal training, we're measuring results from both on, and beneath the surface. At a glance, MobyPark is clearly one of the few brands in its industry that boasts a website experience that is this enjoyable across any device. Just beneath, are all of the standard techniques that attract and retain inbound visits that are crucial to the business's on-going success. We developed the website/apps that move the needle. Please see below some achievements.

Unsuccessful car park search queries /5

Turnover x 10

Repeat purchasing x 4