The Brief

If you ever had a ticket to a concert you couldn’t make or if you wanted to go to a game but had no way to get in, FanPass is the site for you. It is a marketplace for fans to buy and sell tickets to sports and entertainment events around the world.




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Digital Strategy


The Challenge

The FanPass team required CobbleWeb’s assistance with a unique challenge. Their online marketplace for event tickets had to produce dynamic search results based on a user’s prior searches and preferred event types.

To achieve that goal, we identified the key traits that the platform needed to display.


Ticket Search

The site needed to be able to sort the constantly changing ticket inventory based on different criteria, including type of event and location.

Listings Management

The process for posting and managing ticket sales needed to be intuitive for sellers and event administrators.

Events Management

Venue managers needed to find the site user-friendly. That meant being able to adjust the online map of their venue based on event requirements and the ability to manage multiple events posted on the platform.

Each event page also needed to be optimised for search engines, which meant a complex integration between Symfony and WordPress.

Sales Management

The entire sales process needed to be automated, which can be a challenge for any sort of online marketplace.

Payments, refunds, penalties and other fees had to be automatically processed based on the actions of the buyers and sellers.

Automated Shipping

Buyers generally want to know when they are getting their tickets and how much shipping will cost.

Vendors want to sell their tickets as easy as possible without paying additional shipping fees.

FanPass wanted to satisfy both sides and reduce shipping costs at the same time.


Buyers need to know they are going to get the tickets they bought, and sellers need to know they are getting the proceeds from the sale.

Our approach to tackle the Challenge

Imagine the Solution, Build it Better

We worked closely with FanPass to design a platform that would provide buyers and sellers with a great user experience. After setting our project scope and identifying the key functional requirements, we outlined features, researched ways of organizing a large volume of events, and worked through numerous user flow diagrams.


We used a colourful and bold geometric style to design a visual identity for the new FanPass site. It perfectly reflects the energy of the FanPass team and the nature of the industry.


Discovery Metrics

Discovery metrics in this case are meant to highlight two crucial areas. Firstly, how users buy tickets. This data helps us to trace a customer’s journey through the site. We try to understand how many purchases are impulsive versus rational. We also try to identify the circumstances under which a customer will buy, such as the number of days before the event or ticket price.

The second focus is on how sellers list their tickets. Questions we ask include, how often sellers list their tickets, and what elements of the experience, such as fast payout or ease of use, are the most important to them.


Marketing & Growth Hacking Metrics


We compared the performance of different traffic sources, and focused on how to optimise the conversion rate for ticket and client acquisition.

  • Seller/Buyer/User segmentation based on more than 50 attributes
  • Acquisition analysis and acquisition techniques (crawlers)
  • Activation analysis (engaging the visitors with highly personalized in-app messages and emails, churn analysis)
  • Revenue analysis (re-targeting techniques and follow-up of users who abandon carts)

Technical Metrics

Technical metrics are focused on whether the hardware and software perform when the platform experiences high traffic. We tracked:

  • Website/app speed
  • Form errors
  • Transaction errors
  • Server errors
  • Log-in errors
  • API errors
  • Payout errors

This process was vital to ensure sure there are no technical barriers to the purchase or listing of tickets.


UX/UI Metrics


Usability metrics measure how easy it is for a customer to navigate the site. We conducted a form/navigation analysis to understand:

  • What users filled in before they left the site or app
  • How much time it took them to complete the form
  • The accuracy of the information provided
  • Feature adoption based on user experience with the site and app
  • If they click as expected

Once we identified the answers to these questions, we did a series of A/B tests. This involved creating two versions of a given page and finding out which was easier to use based on the behaviour of a pool of test customers.

The Result

There are few things better than learning that your efforts to achieve a goal were successful. We were therefore extremely happy with the results of our work on the FanPass platform.

In addition to identifying a new highly profitable segment, we were able to cut FanPass's churn rate in half within six months. Their conversion rate increased threefold and turnover a hundredfold within just eight months.

Highly profitable segment identified

Conversion rate x 3

£50,000 sales per day!

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