Prismic is a freemium cloud-based content management system that integrates with most frontend technologies

Who uses this technology?

General usage

Prismic offers a compelling basket of features for content-heavy applications. For a start, it’s quick to deploy since it’s cloud-based (no server installation needed).

As a headless CMS it provides the backend server and dashboard for your content  and lets you choose your own frontend technology, framework,or programming language. Its RESTful API allows seamless integration with React.js, Next.js etc.

Decoupling backend content creation from frontend display offers a number of advantages. It’s more secure, more scalable, and flexible frontend technology options offer better support for custom business flows. It also allows content to be pushed to multiple applications simultaneously, e.g. native Android and iOS apps.

The Prismic dashboard makes it easy to create and edit content. Custom content types can be created by drag and dropping required fields, e.g. title, body, image, byline into a template.

Slices are reusable page components (e.g. banners, images galleries, newsletter sign-ups) that can be mixed and matched to create custom page layouts. They act like a page builder for non-technical teams, which makes it easier to create landing pages for marketing campaigns.

Prismic vs WordPresss

  • Offers better security
  • Better support for integration with platform technologies like React and Next.js
  • Easier to create custom layouts
  • More user-friendly editing and publishing functionalities, e.g. bulk scheduling
  • Faster and more scalable since it’s built with the latest technologies and frameworks
  • Takes care of updates, backups and security fixes
  • Built-in CDN and  image optimisation


Prismic is the second most popular cloud CMS on Stackshare.

Marketplace benefits

Prismic allows the Deliveroo marketing team to quickly spin up custom landing pages for targeted campaigns. Doing away with developer assistance has increased their productivity and lowered acquisition costs.

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