Subscription systems

User subscription plans (aka SaaS) are a popular way to drive recurring revenue for a marketplace. They can be challenging to implement due to multiple user scenarios.

We implemented a multi-tier subscription plan for our client, IHSS Connect. Their platform offers Basic and Premium tiers with monthly or yearly payment options. Scenarios that had to be taken into account include:

  • Enabling features such “job search” only if the subscription is active
  • Allowing users to upgrade/downgrade their subscription tiers, taking into account pro-rata usage
  • Allowing cancellation of subscriptions without loss of access if the current subscription period has not ended
  • Allowing the marketplace administrator to change subscription plans without affecting existing subscriptions

The Box Hut customers had to be able to select from different subscription plans (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly), disable renewals, and pause or cancel their subscriptions. Subscriptions could also be purchased as gifts.

In addition, we had to synchronise the subscriptions with their monthly shipping schedule. If a subscription is cancelled, paused or refunded, the shipment schedule is automatically updated.

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