Seller relationship management

Marketplaces that are responsive to sellers’ needs deliver better results. Seller tools that offer customisable options will strengthen your relationship with sellers.

CobbleWeb has used seller analysis and feedback to create revenue-boosting seller management features for a number of clients.

FanPass, an event ticket marketplace, offers three payout levels. Standard sellers get paid seven days after the event, while trusted sellers get paid immediately after buyers receive their tickets. Corporate sellers can elect to receive monthly bulk payments. In addition, FanPass can restrict specific events to certain sellers, to cater for demand constraints or special seller attributes such as super-fast delivery. This flexibility offers a powerful way to manage seller and product quality.

Sellers rated payout flexibility as their number one reason for using FanPass over legacy ticketing platforms like TicketMaster or Viagogo.

Affordable Art Fair offers flexible shipping options to sellers. They can use the default shipping costs returned by the UPS API, with an optional markup, or they can use local shipping providers’ rates. This helps sellers to cater for different buyer locations and offer extra value such as bespoke packaging.

Grosa, a marketplace for specialty groceries, is a good example of how flexible platform fees, based on specific seller attributes, can promote seller adoption and loyalty:

In general, commission paid by merchants can be set at a standard or premium rate, plus a fixed fee. Commission rates can be set even more granularly for individual sellers that sell higher volumes, such as merchants with multiple shops or those that sell popular products like dried fish. Total commission per transaction can also be capped with a maximum or minimum threshold. 

This flexibility was extended to merchants’ product prices as well. Since some Grosa shoppers prefer to buy in bulk, sellers can set separate pricing structures for wholesale goods.

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