Seller onboarding

The proliferation of online marketplaces has meant stiff competition for quality sellers. Activate sellers at scale by streamlining and automating their access to your platform.

Sellers represent the inventory of your marketplace, whether B2C vendors of retail goods, B2B wholesale merchants, or service providers. Seamless, low-friction onboarding aligned with your business model will attract a more diverse selection of goods or services.

For instance, on-platform transactions require identity verification and the collection of address and bank details for tax and regulatory purposes. Third-party tools like Stripe Connect can automate this process. Off-platform transactions (e.g. some service marketplaces) can move that responsibility onto individual sellers. 

MobyPark’s car park owners had to provide more than 15 data points to register a car park. To lower friction, we utilised dynamic and multi-step forms. Forms are pre-filled based on user information such as country or language. Conditional logic is used to shorten forms, i.e. questions are displayed or not based on previous answers. We also included a predictive notification system and progress bar that provide owners with assistance on how to complete their profiles.

Some industries also require additional documentation like certifications and contracts. We created an admin dashboard for Nestify’s property management platform that allows them to upload contracts, gas, EPC, EICR, HMO, PAT certificates for each property owner and send renewal notifications.

Do you have a list of features in mind?

We can help you select and implement the right features for your marketplace.