Project management

Project management tools that simplify project oversight and enhance collaboration will make your service marketplace more valuable to users.

B2B service marketplaces can attract and retain users with project management tools that help them manage project flows, collaborate more efficiently with service providers, and expedite reporting functions. This can be a fairly intricate technical undertaking since each marketplace will require a management tool that suits its particular user profile.

CobbleWeb developed such a custom project management dashboard on behalf of Atos, one of Europe’s largest information technology companies. 

Users can create new projects to which they can add the project details and goals, invite potential service providers (via an integrated RFP tool), attach documents, and associate additional resources. They are also prompted to set up two compulsory meetings, one to examine the service provider’s expertise and one to examine the financial viability of the project.

We simplified oversight by applying a Kanban structure to the user home screen. It offers a global view of how projects are distributed across the organisation, allocating them to various stages such as draft, implemented, revised, terminated or expired. For time management purposes, the user dashboard also contains a scrollable ticker of upcoming meetings and a calendar view where new meetings can be added.

Do you have a list of features in mind?

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