Product recommendations

Product recommendations form an integral part of most ecommerce personalisation, cross-selling and upselling strategies.

Product recommendations perform better when they are based on relevant user data. We leveraged Visii for Affordable Art Fair to create personalised product recommendations for their buyers. It uses AI technology and data points such as browser history, past orders, wish lists, search queries, and marketing channels to guide buyers from browsing to discovery to purchase.

Affordable Art Fair place their product recommendations at the bottom of search results pages and individual product listing pages. There are some other approaches that can work too, such as popups or a less obtrusive teaser ribbon that opens the full popup.

Timing when recommendations appear can also make a difference. For instance, showing them after the buyer has taken an action, like adding an item to their cart. This is a smart way to increase average order values.

Another clever tactic is to combine recommendations with cart abandonment reminder emails. This is especially effective when the buyer simply lost interest in the original item.

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