Product listings

The quality of your product or service listings can make or break your marketplace reputation. A well-designed and managed listing structure will attract sellers that drive sales.

Your listing infrastructure should provide buyers with as much product information as possible, while sellers need to be able to quickly and efficiently list new products and monitor inventory levels.

The quality of listings, and thus your marketplace reputation, should be protected by ensuring that only qualified sellers are marketing their goods and services on your platform. This requires a suitable seller screening and management process.

CobbleWeb helps clients to develop listing templates that can accommodate any product attributes, including detailed descriptions, image galleries, geolocation, ratings, prices and specifications. For instance, The Box Hut’s merchants can highlight up to five product features to make them more enticing.

We’ve managed various SKU scenarios, from automatically generated SKUs to the migration of over 50,000 SKUs to a new art marketplace.

Grosa‘s merchants offer products in different package sizes and flavours. We incorporated these attributes into the product listing and navigation systems, making it easy for merchants to indicate different product variations and for shoppers to select them.

FanPass sellers do not always have time to publish tickets to popular events like the UEFA Champions League. Our solution was to build a product generator for back orders. Punters can now buy tickets without having to wait for sellers to publish them.

Do you have a list of features in mind?

We can help you select and implement the right features for your marketplace.