Order management

Your order management system is crucial to your marketplace’s performance. Streamlining and automating the process can minimise errors, reduce wastage and increase customer satisfaction.

In its simplest form, order management (aka fulfillment) is the process of receiving, accepting, processing, tracking, and delivering customer orders. 

A pivotal part of any product marketplace, it needs to work seamlessly with other features like payment systems, shopping carts, and third-party solutions like shipping providers.

Designing a fit-for-purpose order process requires close collaboration with our clients. The first step is to map out an order flow that is aligned with the customer journey. 

For instance, does the seller need to accept the order first or is there instant acceptance as with Airbnb rentals? Multiple sellers, products and currencies can further complicate the fulfillment journey. 

Event ticketing marketplaces like FanPass have a complex order flow, since tickets need to be delivered before the events take place. Their order system manages this by notifying buyers immediately after a transaction of the delivery date and cost.

Neobank, SoShop, offers debit cards which need to be shipped to users. We made sure the customer service team can track each step of the order process in the admin dashboard, making it easier to follow up with customers.

Insufficient stock levels can hurt your reputation. Connecting your sellers’ inventory systems to your marketplace order process can help them prevent over and understocking of products.

Do you have a list of features in mind?

We can help you select and implement the right features for your marketplace.