Auto-generated notifications that update users about a transaction’s status can improve user experience and increase conversions.

System or app notifications promote trust by keeping buyers in the loop about their orders. They can also improve service levels, such as faster response times, by alerting sellers and platform owners to issues as they occur.

Auto-generated notifications can update users on any change within order, payment or shipping flows. Common usages include alerting sellers if their product is out of stock, updating buyers when an order has been processed for delivery, or advising platform administrators when a refund has been requested. 

Notifications can be delivered via push notifications, in-app messages (platform inbox or IM), email, SMS, or even third-party messenger services like WhatsApp. For the best experience, users should be allowed to activate or deactivate notification channels according to their own preferences. 

CobbleWeb has used notification systems in innovative ways to improve the user experience of our clients’ platforms:

MobiPark‘s parking marketplace updates drivers when new parking slots open up, while parking lot owners are notified and assisted with advice if their profiles are incomplete. 

The IHSS Connect messaging system notifies care recipients when there is a new care provider application. Retail and service marketplaces can use the same functionality to notify sellers of new orders or buyers of new quotes. These auto-generated messages are fully customisable and can contain multi-media such as images and videos (aka rich messaging).

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