Marketing automation

Many marketplace entrepreneurs struggle with their marketing strategy. Key to this is the collection, sorting, visualisation and interpretation of relevant data and metrics.

This was the challenge confronting us when we designed a custom marketing automation stack for Affordable Art Fair. The client wanted to be able to track specific events such as which product categories were viewed and which artists were added to wishlists. This would allow them to create highly personalised ads on Google, Facebook and Pinterest.

Our solution incorporated various technologies such as Snowplow (a data collection, processing and modelling platform), Amazon Kinesis (collects, processes, and analyses video and data streams in real time) and Google Merchant Center (manages how product inventory appears on Google). This allowed us to track relevant user and server events, collate them, and then present them in an easily digestible format.

We also helped them to automate their newsletter segmentation. When users subscribe, information, such as their user location and buying profile, is sent to the ActiveCampaign marketing automation tool. It allows the marketing team to create segmented email lists for more personalised newsletters.

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