Loyalty program

Build a loyalty program with cashback incentives to drive repeat business and referrals for your marketplace.

CobbleWeb built a comprehensive loyalty program system for our client SoShop. 

SoShop onboarded several well-known companies such as Nike, Dell, Groupon, Orange, Lacoste, Samsung, and Bookings.com. These merchants have many sales locations with multiple points of sale from which they wanted to promote different cashback incentives. 

We built a merchant interface and API  to help merchants manage their customer rewards, set limits, such as expiration dates or minimum orders, and administrate payment of commission on cashbacks to SoShop.

Customers can view their cashback rewards by logging into the SoShop mobile app. Under the ‘My accounts’ tab they can find a breakdown of each cashback reward earned, from whom it was earned, its status (pending/processed), and the total cashback balance available.

The mobile app includes a search feature that allows users to search for cashback incentives by keyword, merchant name or business category. They can also browse daily curated rewards. Each reward includes a description, its conditions, where to get it, and a link to the merchant’s external site.

Do you have a list of features in mind?

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