Job listings

Job marketplaces for specialist verticals are growing in popularity. Highly-searchable job listings should be at the centre of their value proposition.

Listings for job board marketplaces require custom development to accommodate the unique needs of the target audience. Our client, IHSS Connect, a healthcare company, commissioned a custom B2C service marketplace that connects in-home care providers with impaired individuals.

One of the central features that we built was the job listing manager. It allows care recipients to publish, delete and pause job requests that are searchable by care providers based on criteria such as location, contract type, schedule, preferences and specialisations.

The job listings are linked to a custom search engine. This required the marriage of a seamless user interface with complex under-the-hood technical flows. Faster, more granular search results are supported by faceted navigation in the form of dropdown filters and tags for specialised services.

Do you have a list of features in mind?

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