Internet of Things (IoT)

Interconnectivity between real world objects and digital platforms like marketplaces present huge opportunities to add more value to the user experience.

A number of our clients have embraced the Internet of Things to solve challenges in innovative ways. 

Nestify tracks the work that cleaners have done by making them clock in and out via an app on their phones. It uses geo-location (phone GPS and property co-ordinates) that only permit clock-ins when in close vicinity to the property. This prevents cleaners from subcontracting to other cleaners. Clock-outs are automatically triggered when cleaners exit the geo-location. 

Property access for cleaners and guests have also been automated with IoT solutions. KeyBox sends a one-time code to the cleaner once a shift is created with which to open a key lockbox. When the keys are returned to the lockbox the code expires. ​KeyNest uses collection points (stores) close to the property. A collection code is sent to the guests, who exchange it for the keys. Property managers are automatically notified when keys are collected or returned.

Drivers using MobyPark‘s parking marketplace had to be able to access car parks via their app. We managed this by developing a system that allows drivers to communicate access codes received via the app with entry booms whether there is a mobile signal or not. This was done by attaching hardware to parking entrances that can accept access codes via Bluetooth or manual input.

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