Event management

Event-related listings have multiple data points that can make them time-consuming to manage. Smart solutions can alleviate some admin bottlenecks.

Event ticketing marketplace, FanPass, wanted to minimise the effort required for venue managers to post events on their platform. This was a huge challenge, since more than ten data sets are used to create between 100 and 150 event listings per month.

Our first step was to simplify the event listing process by using dynamic forms that automatically complete input fields based on the user’s account information. Venue managers only have to fill in fields that require updated/additional information.

Dynamic forms can also identify the type of device the customer is using and adjust the forms to make completing the questions easier. Suggestions on how to complete the form are automatically provided.

We also created a venue functionality that helped to speed up the event listing process even further. Administrators can preconfigure different seat maps, e.g. for football matches or concerts, for each venue. Event creators then simply select the seat map configuration that suits their type of event.

Do you have a list of features in mind?

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