Digital wallet management

Diverse payment options increase conversion rates. Digital or e-wallets give customers a secure and convenient way to transact with your marketplace.

Digital wallets allow consumers to buy credits that are added to their marketplace account for future use. It offers convenience and security against fraud by avoiding a long checkout process and credit card transactions with third parties. Used as batch buying instruments they can also be used to push bulk discounts. 

Digital wallets simplify the refund process and can be used to promote cross-selling. For instance, when a damaged or incorrect item is delivered, a quick refund can be made to the user’s wallet, accompanied by an alternative suggestion.

CobbleWeb has implemented digital wallets for a number of clients and use cases:

Mes4Devis, a platform that provides house moving quotes, sells batch access to leads (quote requests) to moving companies. For example, a batch of 10 future leads cost €84. These are stored as credits in the moving company’s digital wallet, which are depleted when actual leads are provided.

Bereach sells recurring REACH compliance certifications. REACH is a set of regulations adopted by the European Union to protect people and the environment against risks posed by chemicals. To comply, companies must identify and manage any risks linked to chemicals used in products they manufacture or sell within the EU. By allowing companies to purchase credits for future certifications Bereach reduces red tape and the per unit cost.

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