Custom Search & Navigation

Users should be able to quickly find the right product or service. This requires the marriage of a seamless user interface with complex under-the-hood technical flows.

Start with the right site architecture. A robust infrastructure, built with applications like Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ and AngularJS, will ensure scalability, 

Navigational tools designed according to user behaviour deliver a better user experience. Custom search algorithms deliver faster, more accurate results, while faceted navigation (filters, sorting) allows more granular customisation.

We’ve used the above principles to design highly effective navigational tools for our clients. This includes a conditional job search feature for IHSS Connect which can only be used if the user’s subscription is active. 

Grosa‘s business model relies on hyperlocal access. So we created a map view of nearby merchants based on shoppers’ postcodes. Shoppers can refine their map search further by using filters like distance, customer ratings, or delivery fees and types.

The Remoovaz removal platform needed accurate address search results to ensure a good user experience. Google’s popular location API is not always precise enough, so we used Loqate’s address verification tool which cross-references data sources for better accuracy. And better conversion rates.

Multinational IT provider, Atos, required an advanced search feature through which a huge number of projects could be searched for by various attributes of contracts or service providers such as title, type, location or status.

User scenario testing was conducted to create a better search experience for Trelleborg‘s QA tool. It helped us to align the user interface with how users scanned information on the app.

We used Google Autocomplete with filters for nearest or cheapest parking bays to assist MobyPark drivers with their selection process. They subsequently saw a five-fold decrease in failed searches.

FanPass wanted to improve their navigation with dynamic search results based on users’ prior searches and preferred event types. Removing friction contributed to a rise in their repeat customers.

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