CRM Integration

Optimise each stage of your marketplace user funnels, from marketing and sales to customer support, with properly configured customer relationship management software.

Did you know that CRM systems form the largest and fastest growing software market in the world? No surprise, since they can have a direct impact on many different aspects of a business: people management, lead generation, sales automation, customer service, marketing, workflow automation, data analytics, and reporting. 

In short, they help your business to understand, segment, manage and nurture customer relationships in a more productive and profitable way. Instantaneous customer information updates, shared across marketing, sales and customer service teams, is just one way they can help to improve conversion rates and customer retention. 

Of course, the data-centric nature of online marketplaces make them a perfect fit for CRM implementation. The downside is that integrating a CRM with a particular marketplace business model and custom user flows can be challenging. A clumsy CRM integration can become a white elephant siphoning off valuable funds with little reward.

CobbleWeb has integrated a variety of CRMs, from full-stack enterprise CRMs like Salesforce to startup-friendly CRMs like Pipedrive, into different marketplace business models:

Both our clients, Affordable Art Fair and Nestify, wanted to be able to control the onboarding of art sellers and property landlords respectively. We created sales pipelines that start with lead generation pages that send prospective client details to the CRM. From there the platform administrator can vet and follow up with applicants, and if approved create their marketplace accounts. This streamlined process has had a significant impact on the quality and conversion of suppliers.

Do you have a list of features in mind?

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