Contract management

Contract management tools that make it easier to handle documentation offer extra value that can attract users to your service marketplace.

Our client, Atos, requested the addition of some contract management functionality to the project management dashboard we built for their service marketplace. It entailed that once the service providers have been selected, the user can associate a contract with the project. If additional resources or services are required after the project has been started, they can be added via an Addendum that is linked to the project.

For our client, Nestify, a property management platform, we integrated Docusign, an electronic contract tool, to onboard landlords. It removes a lot of admin burden from the Nestify team, since they only have to fill in a form with the landlord’s details and starting date. The contract is created by Docusign and sent to the landlord. Once it’s signed by both parties a copy is saved on the platform.

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