Content management system

Your content management system should make it easy for platform owners and users to create content that is discoverable and indexable by search engines.

CobbleWeb has customised and optimised content management systems to create powerful custom applications. For example, we integrated the WordPress CMS with the Fanpass event ticket marketplace by tweaking the platform to dynamically update content-rich information pages with new events.

Vendors can add new products (events) via a custom admin portal. The event details, such as title, category, and image, are searchable by WordPress, and used to add the new event listing to search-optimised information pages (e.g. a page about Arsenal Football Club) pre-created by the site owner.

Once we had implemented this integration, Fanpass could use it to create many new landing pages for their events. These landing pages have now risen to the top of Google search results, driving tens of thousands of visitors to the Fanpass website every month. 

Affordable Art Fair required a productive way to manage different types of content: blog posts, information pages and lead generation pages. We integrated WordPress into their platform so they could leverage its publishing tools and send lead generation data to a Salesforce CRM.

Do you have a list of features in mind?

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