Abandoned carts

High cart abandonment rates can make your marketplace hemorrhage revenue. Following up with your customers is the first step to plugging the hole.

69.57% of ecommerce shopping carts are abandoned. Commonly cited reasons include additional costs (e.g. shipping fees), forced account creation, complicated checkout processes, and trust issues. One reason that is often overlooked is buyers who simply forgot about their carts.

We discovered this when we tested FanPass users, who abandoned their shopping carts, with a simple reminder email. The results were astonishing. 54% of those we emailed clicked to review their shopping cart and five percent converted, which was ten times the overall conversion rate at that stage.

CobbleWeb has since built various user engagement flows, integrated with marketing tools, that provide our clients’ sales teams with data for customer follow-ups. 

We implemented various strategies to minimise Affordable Art Fair’s cart abandonment rate. For example, buyers receive automated estimates of shipping costs on the product page. Another successful tactic was to send reminder emails with discount codes to buyers who abandoned their shopping carts.

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