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Tech Recruitment Specialist (and HR Generalist)

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What are we looking for?

Who we are

CobbleWeb is a globally distributed software development company, headquartered in London, UK, that has established itself as a leading developer of high-performance online marketplace platforms. Clients include multinationals like Atos, established platforms like FanPass and MobyPark, and up-and-coming startups such as Nestify, SoShop, and Affordable Art Fair.

Our remote-based team of subject experts collaborate closely across six time zones to give our clients the best opportunities for success. A key factor in our success has been an unwavering commitment to best-in-class processes, both client facing and internally.

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The mission

Due to the phenomenal growth curve we have experienced the past few years, CobbleWeb now needs to expand its team four-fold over the next twelve months. The goal is to create additional agile development squads that can deliver superior outcomes within budget and agreed-upon timelines.

In addition, we would like to refine and streamline various components of the employee experience, such as onboarding, support, administration and career development. This will require the productive application of technology and the smart design and/or upgrade of various HR systems.

Our champion

We’re primarily looking for a recruitment specialist with a proven track record in sourcing, evaluating and matching exceptional candidates for roles within the software development or IT industries. Typical roles include full-stack, as well as, front- and backend software developers, digital project managers, business analysts, quality assessors, and UI/UX designers.

But that is not all, our ideal candidate will also have some experience in other HR areas, such as employee onboarding, performance reviews and employee administration. After all, as a fast-growing young company we all wear many hats.

Your strong leadership qualities will stand you in good stead as you work with the management team to determine how we can build and nurture an agile, diverse company. You are comfortable aligning HR KPIs with overall business goals and used to employing technology to expedite key HR aspects in line with Agile principles.

The job

Recruitment scout: source suitable candidates using search engines, job boards, social media (especially LinkedIn), industry platforms and other relevant sources. Work with hiring managers to develop job descriptions and job ads.

Candidate evaluation: conduct thorough interviews via Zoom to determine candidate suitability. Compile and manage assessment exercises in conjunction with department managers. Shepherd candidates throughout the process while maintaining an excellent candidate experience.

Optimise the recruitment pipeline: use software and automation to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process. Evaluate the effectiveness of job ads and recruitment channels.

Onboarding: make sure new team members get up and running as quickly as possible. Refine the process and manage onboarding aspects such as job offers, contracts, payroll, knowledge base, communication channels and job tools.

Performance management: design and organise performance reviews in conjunction with the management team. Design and implement team surveys. Manage exit interviews and team feedback on sites like Glassdoor.

Streamline and manage HR tasks: automate, outsource or push to self-service routine administrative tasks such as annual leave or changes to employee details.

Manage the internal knowledge base: set up company policies, job role responsibilities and minimum expectations in conjunction with the management team.

Update and track the recruitment road map: plan the future capacity requirements for each job role in conjunction with the management team. Provide regular reports on key performance indicators such as candidates interviewed, positions filled and staff churn.

Ambassador for the CobbleWeb brand: relentlessly advocate for CobbleWeb’s unique value propositions as an employer and business partner of choice. Support our brand with a focus on the employee experience. This should find expression from the first touch points during recruitment and right through each team member’s journey with CobbleWeb.

Job requirements
    • Proven track record of running successful recruitment campaigns within IT or software development spaces (specifically for the following job roles: software developers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, IT project managers, digital business analysts).
    • Solid understanding of the HR universe: onboarding, performance reviews, employee database administration, etc.
    • Strong communication skills with excellent verbal and written English.
    • Strong technical skills including familiarity with recruitment and HR software.
    • The ability to source, compare, implement and learn new tools.
    • Attention to detail
    • Strong organisational skills
    • High-speed, reliable internet connection
    • Eager to learn and solve challenges
    • Comfortable with remote work (especially recruitment and HR administration)
    • Recommended: familiarity with software development and Agile methodologies.


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