Online business does not merely revolve around facilitating transactions for goods, as you find with e-commerce or marketplace sites. Business is about engagement and interaction, and that can happen with a host of different functions that support communication. This communication can take a myriad of forms and can be between customers and vendors, among teammates, or between different constituents. The challenge of web application design is to create unique experiences that fulfil the goals you are trying to achieve.

This type of goal is riddled with technical challenges. You need to provide rich features on the front-end and the capacity for numerous user profiles, while simultaneously making the app robust, scalable and viewable over multiple types of devices (such as smartphone and desktops). We can work with you to design a web application that will fit your needs and exceed your clients’ expectations.

What to Expect From Us ?

An application needs to be built on a firm foundation. The following principles allow us to design exceptional applications.

On Purpose Development

Designing a web application requires a clarity of vision and a drive to serve the needs of the patrons that will use it. We never lose sight of this purpose, focusing on the users’ needs and choosing the right technologies to meet those requirements.

Multidisciplinary Team

Good web application design necessitates a team with a diversity of skills to build in features that allow the site to be adaptable and scale. Our cadre of experts can form a team around your site’s needs to optimise the development of your application.

A Reliable Partner

There are a host of different technological components that can combine to make a great web application. The challenge is picking the right ones. We can translate your web applications’ needs to the right technologies, leading to a better final product.

High Quality Coding

High Quality Coding

High quality coding is crucial for any online application. Quality code makes your website easy to maintain, easy to grow, and easy to control without relying on a third party. We build application that empowers the administrator and allows them to be independent.

Designed For Flexible Scale

Designed For Flexible Scale

Web applications are intended to be widely used in a variety of circumstances, with a host of features, for many users. It is easy to make something that does all those things, but difficult to make that app simple and scalable. We know how to strike the balance.

Popular technologies we have used for our clients

A web application is rarely built from scratch, but is normally assembled using popular component technologies. Below are components that we use to build exciting web apps for our clients.


Symfony is an open-source PHP framework that operates as a support system for developers who want to build an advanced, scalable, functional website.


When you need a powerful interface for your web application, use the Google-backed javascript framework embraced by scores of coders. Use Angular JS.


Get the message – if you want to facilitate communication on your web application act quickly and add RabbitMQ to your web application.


For when you to need to reach out beyond your platform, use Mandrill to ensure exceptional communication.

Twitter Bootstrap

Don’t let your web application be limited by what device your customers are using. Twitter bootstrap allows your app to be viewed anywhere on anything.

API- Restful

If you want to grow then you need to rest with an API for your application, so you can open the door to partnership and future innovation.

Platform Health

Platform Health

Bugs are not problems, but opportunities that need to be closely tracked. Bugs don’t just reveal mistakes in the code, but often new and exciting use cases that can lead to better outcomes for your business. We can use an application’s bugs to turn users into true believers.

The right technical metrics will help you find opportunities where your competition doesn’t bother to look. Learn where your competitive advantage is with your web application.

Rapid Iteration

Rapid Iteration

Our web applications have rich features that support main different use cases and user profiles, but we mitigate the risk of building the wrong thing by using Agile Development to test small iterations and make sure that your customers will want what you are building.

We are a Lean Organisation that uses Agile Development to build exceptional web applications. Learn about how you can partner with us for your development needs.

Not sure how to build a great web application?

Knowing when and how to build a feature to benefit your clients is always challenging. Let us help you learn what you should build and when you should build it