An E-Commerce website is fraught with risk. Unlike a marketplace, you own the inventory that you sell. On the one hand, this means that you get a greater percentage of the revenues with every transaction. On the other, you record a loss for everything you don’t sell. The allure of the ecommerce platform is the higher reward, but the higher corresponding risk is what keeps a lot of small business owners from starting their own site. To survive, your ecommerce web design must be optimised and address the crucial elements in executing online sales.

A few of the elements you must address include adjusting prices based on inventory levels, improving SEO to stimulate customer leads through organic search, ensuring prompt delivery, and the ability to integrate with other marketplaces and platforms. We have the experience to help your ecommerce web application overcome these challenges to maximise its potential for success.

What to Expect From Us

Every structure needs a blueprint; the principles below form CobbleWeb’s. By meeting these standards, we build successful partnerships with e-merchants.

On Purpose Development

An ecommerce platform is meant to serve a specific target market’s needs – lose sight of that and you will not be able to provide the service your customers require. We are always focused on the important things, choosing the right technologies for you now and in the future.

Multidisciplinary Team

An ecommerce platform requires the deployment of more advanced sales techniques, more CRO, and the ability to integrate with external marketplaces. To meet those requirements, you need a team with a host of skills that no one person can embody – a time like us.

A Reliable Partner

A reliable partner helps you achieve your goals and does not push their own priorities. CobbleWeb is a team that can translate your business model and goals into a feasible technical solution that is validated by your customers.

High Quality Coding

High Quality Coding

The ability of your e-commerce platform to thrive long-term is defined by whether it is composed of high quality coding. Quality code is required to ensure that the platform is easy to maintain, to grow, and to control without relying on a third party to maintain it.

Designed For Iterative Improvement

Designed For Iterative Improvement

Your e-commerce platform needs to be able to evolve with your customers and business model. That requires innovation. As you develop new key performance indicators to optimise, we can build you a system that does not slow down or stop as it evolves, moving at the speed of innovation.

Popular Technology

The best e-commerce platforms are built with the best open source technologies. We build with these technologies, focusing on our clients’ needs and their aspirations for a better future.


This open source enterprise e-commerce application system will draw customers to you and your products.


For the small business e-commerce platform, presto appearo Prestashop – the easy solution for all of your online ecommerce platform needs.


There are never enough ways to communicate with your customers when you are an e-commerce platform. That’s why you need Mandrill.


Don’t monkey around with email marketing; deploy Mailchimp and make sure you always send the right emails at the right time.


Get the commerce part of e-commerce right by integrating Stripe and Paypal into your marketplace website to make financial transactions secure for you and your customers.

Twitter Bootstrap

Mobile or desktop, tablet or laptop – make sure that your customers can navigate themselves to their next purchase with Twitter Bootstrap.

Platform Health

Platform Health

Bugs can be opportunities instead of problems. We actively track our client websites’ errors for two reasons. First, to fix them before these issues because a problem for customers. Second, to use the bugs as guideposts to the users’ expectations and improve the platform’s functionality.

Finding the right technical metrics to evaluate your site is part of the entrepreneurial process. Learn more about the importance of measurement in developing an optimised product.

Rapid Iteration

Rapid Iteration

We believe in Agile Development and running a Lean organisation. Our websites are the product of sustained innovation created through a series of rapid iterations. With a flexible e-commerce platform like the one we can help you build, you can be responsive to your clients’ evolving needs.

Entrepreneurship means being able to adjust to changing conditions faster than your competitors through rapid iteration. Learn more on how rapid iteration can improve your e-commerce site.

Not sure how to build a great Ecommerce?

Knowing when and how to build a feature to benefit your clients is always challenging. Let us help you learn what you should build and when you should build it.