A great web application will help you streamline processes within your company and disseminate information on the key analytics of your company, which can be used to improve your company. Since 2012, we’ve built many features for our clients. The following web application features list represents the app core that can help you achieve those goals.


A web application, when it works well, gathers immense amounts of information about your business through a host of different metrics. Good decisions and good businesses are built on good information. But good information can only be understood under the right circumstances, when the reviewer can understand it. Gathering information is only the first step toward success. You need to be able to curate it, organise it, and present it in a manner that you can draw conclusions from it. When you know something is off, but you do not know exactly what you are looking for, how the information is presented while you browse through it can make the difference between finding the answer and perpetuating a poor system. Not making the right decisions can increase your costs, decrease your revenues, and, if you make a habit of poor choices, can cost you your business.

We know how important a good search engine can be, and we have extensive experience building an app for easy informational navigation. The right structure in terms of how information is presented can be the difference between success and business crushing failure. Do not go to all the effort of gathering the crucial information about your business only to not be able to understand it in the end. Optimise your app for browsing and search with us.


This illustrates Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for marketplace / ecommerce success Notification system:

Changes don’t always happen when you are looking for it. You could be out to lunch, playing golf on the weekend, or on vacation. Something could happen, something could change, and your business starts going in a different direction. Maybe the change is good, and either expenses go down or revenue goes up. If that is the case, you want to figure out immediately what you are doing right and how to get everyone to follow that path. Conversely, if you are doing something wrong, you want to know immediately so you can identify the mistake, minimise its impact, and ensure you never do it again. Either way, the sooner you notice a shift, the easier it will be to identify the cause and make the appropriate adjustments. But you can’t afford to be staring at your web app all day waiting for a change that might not come.

This is the benefit of a notification system in your web application. Instead of staring at a screen all day, you can go about the business of your business. You can set your app so if key metrics move outside of a given range of standard deviation, you can be notified immediately. This will allow you to quickly isolate the situation, analyze it, and take the necessary steps. No more worrying if you are missing something; your web app can pay attention to the big picture, so that you can focus on innovating your business to new heights.


Different devices screen Mobile Friendly

People are not chained to desktops or laptops anymore. People rely on smart phones and tablets to help them navigate and record information. According to a 2016 survey, only 27% of people used a laptop or desktop to connect to the internet away from work. However, 56% used a smartphone and 59% used a portable handheld device, such as a tablet, to access the internet. This shows that many of your employees are already comfortable using mobile, and more will join them. Plus, allowing your employees to use mobile to record and review information increases their effectiveness. Not every bit of data is going to be observed from a place where you can use a laptop. Mobile lets your employees record their reactions and information from anywhere.

You need to make your web app responsive. In this context, responsive means that your app’s display needs to automatically adjust to whatever screen it is being viewed on. Your app must also be built so that it can load quickly on any device, because no one in this era of high speed connections has the patience to wait for a page to display.

There is a lot of technical components to navigate to achieve these ends, and we have navigated them all. We optimise every app we build, making them responsive and quick to load. Contact us today and move your app forward by making it mobile.


A chart to illustrate the measurement of business metrics Analytics dashboard:

Peter Drucker once said, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

The best web apps aren’t static; they evolve. The only way your business can evolve is in response to the information that your web app gathers and curates regarding the most important aspects of your company. If you are not getting that data and seeing the important trends, you cannot make the changes to evolve your business.

Some things are important to measure, regardless of what niche you are in. Revenue, for example, is important regardless your business. However, each niche demands a specific focus and customised metric. To take your web app to the next level you need to monitor, not just the common metrics, but the one that are important to your customers and your market segment.

For example, consider the work we did for this client. They manage properties and rents them to willing tenants. Of course, they wanted to make sure that it had high occupation rates. But they also needed to monitor the popularity of properties in different locations, so it could adjust its rental rates to mirror market demand. They was not just concerned about increasing revenues, but in decreasing the costs. They needed to monitor legal fees associated with closing rental agreements as well as maintenance costs. Very important metrics for them, but probably not things a business focused on plush toys or books would need to worry about.

We helped them discover the metrics it needed to monitor to be successful. We then built a dashboard so it could easily monitor those aspects of their business. The result was that the time spent on administrative tasks decreased by 200%, maintenance efficiency doubled, and conversion improved by 30%. We helped build a better platform by helping them measure the right things. Let us help your business do the same thing with a customised web app.


 User rights management

Your app will be used by a host of different people and for different reasons. For this reason, maintaining a strong user right management system within your application is crucial. This means doing two things. First, you need to address who can enter what type of information into the application. Just as you would not give your floor manager the ability to make adjustments in your general ledger, you are going to want to limit who can add information via the application. If you don’t strictly limit who can add information, you will either get a surplus of information that is misleading or incorrect information that will lead you to incorrect conclusions. Either way, you aren’t getting what you need.

Secondly, you need to limit who can see what information. This is not about limiting transparency, but about combating information overload. Too many metrics can make people distracted from what is really important. By limiting people’s access to only the information that is crucial for their role, you can ensure that they are paying attention to the things you need them to focus on. We have implemented a comprehensive user rights management system into our apps, having done so recently for this client. Make sure that your employees are focused on the most important


listing in the marketplace Document Management System:

Most modern businesses have one thing in common – paperwork. Most of the information that your app will gather will come in the form of documents. Documents provide you with a lot of advantages, as they structure the information you receive and ensures that your employees are answering the questions you need answered in a standard way that is easy for you to process. But the sheer number of documents can be unwieldy. Plus, documents can serve purposes beyond information feedback loops for your business. For example, we created a document management system for Property Management application. The client is a real estate management company that executes leases, files maintenance requests, and maintains insurance policies on its assets. For them, these files have significant legal significance. These are contracts that establish its revenue streams, evidence that it did necessary work, and protection against unforeseen costs.

It is absolutely critical for your business that you keep track of your documents and keep them organised. They are not only a priceless source of information, but often times these documents have legal significance. The right web application can help you get the most out of these documents while securing them for the long-term. Two jobs, one application. That is the type of efficiency you need for your business to be successful.

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