The internet is a way to find and engage customers for profit. But improving profits aren’t just a function of increasing revenues, but by decreasing costs. Web applications for your business are an exceptional means for decreasing the costs you face every day for your business. They are about communicating the crucial information your employees need to do their job better. The better they do their job, the more efficient your workflows and the more money you save.

We have the experience and talent to build the customised web application solutions that you need. By capitalising on existing open source technology, we can streamline processes within your company by identifying your crucial metrics and building functionality around those measures. This will create a feedback loop that will identify areas for improvement and highlight best practices to embrace.

Why Should you go for a Custom Web app

While quality custom web apps might all be unique, they all require a firm foundation to be successful. By doing the following, you can set the groundwork for success.

Align Technology & Business

Web applications are not defined by its software, but by the services it provides its users. The evolution of tech requires you build a flexible platform that can swap out old technology for new. We will help you find the best technology, while keeping you agile to adopt innovative features.

Create a Rich Ecosystem

There are a variety of tools and resources available to applications that can enhance applications without requiring a coder to build new features. You can use these tools to create an eco-system of functionality around your application and increase your value to the user.

Better Performance

Performance is defined by the utility your users gain from the app, and high utility demands high customisation to speak to your users’ specific needs. Allow us to help you build an application that fulfils your target audience’s needs for optimum performance.

Scale it globally

Scale it globally

Generic web applications are good for small companies looking to get a quick start, but it provides a poor foundation for later growth as they are hard to adjust to realities of scaling. A customised app allows for agility to address whatever new opportunities you encounter.

No lock-in

No lock-in

Many app development companies lock clients in so that no matter what happens going forward they must use the agency’s services. We don’t believe in that; your app is yours alone.

The Most Popular Features We Built For Our Clients Since 2012

A great web application will help you streamline processes within your company and disseminate information on the key analytics of your company, which can be used to improve your company.

Search Engine

When you need an answer you need to be able to find it quickly. Your apps need a great search engine and a structure optimised for browsing.

Notification system

Keep up to date with changes in your work environment by adding a notification system to your web app.

Mobile friendly

Stay connected with your business wherever you are by optimising your app for mobile.

Analytics dashboard

Gathering information does not mean much without the ability to analyse it, and we make the best dashboards in the business.

User rights

Ensure that the right people get the right information by adding a strict user rights management system into your app.

Document management

Manage the paperwork in your professional life with a customised web app from us.

Technology that gives wings

Technology that gives wings

Building a web application to serve your business can be incredibly complex given everything that it will be required to do, from managing diverse user profiles to deployment under numerous types of circumstances. You need a flexible application built on the best technologies.

Choosing the right technology for your application is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we closely monitor and benchmark the best open sourced components.



We are practitioners of Agile and Lean processes. These processes allow your app to be flexible so you can adapt to new use cases, changing workflows, and an always shifting IT environment. Your app should serve you; you shouldn’t have to adapt to your app.

Entrepreneurs are required to keep iterating to build better products to find those advantages that are crucial for success. We know how to iterate and will help you succeed.

Success stories

The client is a software company that helps real estate agencies with property management, from placing tenants to maintenance. They needed to build a scalable app that would allow customers to track agent performance quickly and intuitively. With our help, the web app reduced the amount of time spent on tasks by 200%, doubled maintenance efficiency, and improved property conversion by 30%.

Work done quicker by:
Property renewal conversion

The client is an engineered polymer company that needed an application to facilitate quality analysis for its products. This application needed to streamline the reporting process to facilitate user input without losing important information. With our support, we built an app that provided insightful reports to the right people in the organisation in half the time.

Weekly reports done quicker by:
Report provided now regularly
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Like the story ? Let's make yours.

We improved opportunities of success for more than 12 companies the last year. Let's create the product that will make your business a successful story too.

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