The Brief

One thing that most economists can agree on is that pharmacology is one of the strongest global industries. Everyone is invested in a high quality of living. While many might focus on the “Big Pharma” firms that seek out new drugs to address different diseases, Roxlor Group holds a unique yet vital place in this growing industry. They don’t design the drugs, they manufacture the pills that carry the remedies.
Operating in the United States, Europe and Asia, this family owned French firm manufactures high quality two-piece hard gelatin capsules for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement markets. In addition, Roxlor produces nutraceutical and cosmeceutical ingredients for the same markets.
Roxlor is a big player looking to expand their market share. They wanted to convey their experience, creativity, and modern approach to engineering to prospective clients who desperately need what Roxlor can provide. A key part of this outreach was to build the right type of website. Roxlor knew that they needed the right sort of advisors to create the digital presence they needed. That is why they partnered with CobbleWeb.


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The Challenge

Part of the strength of Roxlor is its history; for over 30 years it has developed a habit of excellence and has remained true to its identity. It was vital that Roxlor’s new website conveyed that strength of cultural character because it would help them stand out from their competitors. But they are still a technological firm, which mean Roxlor could not appear to be stodgy or stuck in the past. Too great of an emphasis of what they were could limit a potential client’s view of Roxlor’s future prospects.
The challenge of Roxlor’s digital rebranding was to balance its historical track record of providing quality products with its commitment to innovation and continuous development of modern engineering. This message needed to be authentic to ensure that Roxlor attracted the right type of clients while competing with major competitors in the field.
In addition to this general direction of what the site needed to accomplish, Roxlor wanted to achieve a few specific goals.

Identify and Promote Roxlor Subsidiaries

Roxlor is actually a group of subsidiaries, each of which addresses a particular segment of the industry. Each subsidiary has it own brand to reflect that segment focus. The challenge was to present each subsidiary and accurately reflect the brand, while simultaneously maintain a consistency across all of the group's pages.

Create Interest in Product

There are three types of individuals that search Roxlor's product lines for a potential fit; purchasing directors, marketing directors, and scientists. Each type of potential customers is interested in different facets of the Roxlor products and therefore require different information. The challenge was to design information pages about the products that are relevant for all three, without overloading viewers with information that are not relevant to their specific needs.

Make Inquiries

One of the steps in the Roxlor sales process was to have a pre-sales consultant have a one-on-one discussion regarding technical details once users have identified a product in which they are interested. Therefore, a major initiative of the project was to gather the right information about when users could benefit from a discussion with a pre-sales consultant to ensure a seamless, effortless sales process.

Administrative Ease

Roxlor wanted a site that would be easy for them to maintain and update. That requires a flexible and customizable administrative interface so that Roxlor could quickly adjust their site and promote new products.

Our approach to tackle the Challenge

Engineering A Better Site From the Ground Up

When beginning our work on this project, we focused on converting visitors into hot leads. While the goal was to present an innovative company with a history of excellence, we knew that how we would be judged on how well we presented that brand would be based on the number of sales the site was able to generate.
In addition, we added a few specific features to address the specific action items described above.

Creating Quality, Building Excellence

We spent a good deal of effort on generating a brand cohesive design language and clearly defining the presentation of Roxlor’s content. The priority was ensuring that customers chose Roxlor for their needs, and we supported those efforts by creating a rich visual experience. We were inspired to use a minimalist design with clean graphics and strong typography. We felt that this combination associated Roxlor with good design, straight-forward transparency, and solid execution, which would only support their sales efforts. We used natural colors and textures as a means to support this perception. Our main graphic elements were brown and yellow accents with white translucent materials. The overall visual identity we created, while simple, was incredibly bold and stood out from Roxlor’s competitors.

The Result

The new Roxlor site acts as a starting point for new sales to be generated. Before, Roxlor's sales team was not confident in the site; now it uses the site in trade shows to increase traffic without increasing the marketing budget. Return visits to the site have increased 280 percent, and the rate of conversion of visitors to customers has increased 500 percent. The effect of the new site has been transformative.
The industry leader in organic capsules is not the industry leader online, with a website that is generating more leads everyday. The quality of Roxlor's site now matches the quality of their products. Does your website mirror the care and quality of your business?

Sales team used the website in trade show that increase traffic without investing more in marketing. They weren't confident to do this before.

Return visits x 280%

Conversion rate x5

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