The Brief

One of the biggest challenges is ensuring educational opportunity for everyone in your community, regardless of social, cultural or economic background. In France, this is especially a problem with Muslim students who struggle to get into institutions of higher education. Renovo was created as a response to this problem.
Renovo does not just focus on creating educational opportunities, but developing integrity and a need to serve among its students. Renovo believes the goal of education is not to make you materially affluent, but to make you a better citizen and to help you learn who you are really are. Education can allow you to stand out while simultaneously helping you find your community at the same time.
Such an admirable goal is not without its challenges or costs. Renovo hopes to expand its reach beyond its original target group, and that can make things even more difficult. To achieve all of this, Renovo knew it needed to expand and improve its digital presence with the help of an experienced partner. So it turned to CobbleWeb.


informative website







The Challenge

Ironically, the big challenge Renovo faced was educating people about its efforts. While many people might be generally aware of the educational challenges certain segments of the French people face, they were unaware of the specifics and the repercussions of those challenges. People were also unaware of Renovo, both in terms of what it was as a charity and what specific programs and services they provide. This was a significant problem for two key audiences Renovo needed to reach.
First, there are the disadvantaged students themselves. These students are the whole purpose for the charity, and Renovo knew that awareness of their brand among this group is too low. To ensure maximum impact, that had to change. Second, Renovo relies on donations to thrive. Potential donors with the greatest potential personal connection between themselves and Renovo’s cause need to be able to find Renovo and learn about what it is trying to do.
Beyond that, Renovo was not just looking for a standard website. Renovo wanted a complete digital strategy for better understanding their targets and engaging them. Renovo wanted to provide relevant content to both of these important audiences and raise awareness about the benefits attending top-tier universities in France for under-represented segments of the population.
The idea was that if more people knew about Renovo, there would be an increase in personalized dialogues between Renovo and potential students and their parents. The greater the number of dialogues, the more people Renovo could help. In addition, by increasing general awareness, Renovo could increase the number of donations it received.

Learn about opportunities

To achieve these ends, we began by identifying how people used the site. We wanted to see if there were patterns to how people interacted with the site and what information they looked for, in the hopes that we could use that knowledge to create a better user experience with a better natural flow.

Collect donations online

The site also had to be restructured so that it could collect donations, either as one-time gifts or as monthly or yearly donations.

Our approach to tackle the Challenge

Building A Portal for Education Opportunity

Designing an optimum website is about listening – first, last and always. So, we began our strategic partnership with Renovo by conducting workshops with their staff. We needed to get a better sense of the culture, know their mission and understand what segments they were trying to reach. We also wanted to work with them to develop key performance indicators (KPIs) that would allow us to assess how well we were doing in our efforts and to ensure we were maximizing the return on their investment.
From there, we had the basis for a channel and content marketing strategy that would allow us to engage Renovo’s target audience and educate them on the benefits of educational support to help under represented segments access top-tier French universities.


We designed a site with a brand cohesive design language, clearly defined content presentation and a rich visual experience.


Metrics for Marketing / Growth Hacking

Our first step in assessing our performance was studying how users interacted with the site. We analyzed user behavior when making donations first. Throughout the entire process we had numerous conversations with users to hear their opinions directly. We briefed the community managers who ran Renovo’s site about what questions they should ask users to identify user patterns and potential flaws.
Social media is also an important part of Renovo’s outreach, so we analyzed the synergy between the website and Renovo’s Facebook page.
The KPIs we focused on were:

  • How many users either became members of Renovo’s Facebook group
  • How many users reached out Renovo to either participate in its program or to donate
  • How many users continued to interact with Renovo after the initial website visit
  • How many users referred Renovo to others

UX/UI Metrics


We had the donation form analyzed to ensure it was clear and easy to understand. Next, we conducted a heat map test to learn how users’ eyes scanned the site and we supplemented that study by tracking where their mouse moved while interacting with online content. We noted and corrected all JS errors.

The Result

As a result of increased donations and improved community engagement, Renovo was able to expand its service offerings and help more students achieve even greater goals. CobbleWeb has helped Renovo and its students achieve their goals. CobbleWeb can help you achieve yours as well.

growths their user base on Facebook x3

generate much more donation online (from 100 € pm to 7 000 € pm right now) in 6 months

offer new services (language study holiday, etc.)

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