The Brief

As the world becomes smaller, exposure to different cultural norms becomes more prevalent. This includes parenting norms, and that is one of the things that make Finlange so unique. Finlange is a French store that markets Finnish parental values — at least in a sense. While the products they sell are baby and children clothes and accessories, every item sold has a distinctly Finnish character. The bright and various original colours that decorate each item, the use of environmentally friendly materials, and the promotion of intuitive parenting are all characteristics of Nordic parenting styles.
It can be daunting to sell goods that are not necessarily aligned with the community in which you are marketing them. Any marketing challenge today begins with having the right online presence. To ensure that they had the right website for their business, Finlange turned to CobbleWeb.




Ethical Fashion for children




Digital Strategy


The Challenge

The purpose of the project was twofold: First, the site needed to generate sale inquiries through the website and to encourage people to visit stores that sell Finlange products. Second, the site needed to increase the amount of revenue generated per customer. Both of these goals are straightforward.
But Finlange’s appeal is defined in large part by their brand and the Nordic cultural norms that define so many of their products. Therefore, the site needed to convey the culture and sensibility that Finlange infuses into their products. The story of how the brand got started, as well as how the Nordic values became so central to the brand’s identity, needed to be featured prominently. In addition, the site needed to be able to do the following:

Product search engine

Finlange's catalogue is large and complex. We needed to analyse the entire product lines' taxonomy to determine the best way to structure the search engine to optimise performance.


Given Finlange's unique culture and marketing positioning, we needed to ensure that the administrative portal could handle any sort of promotion idea that Finlange could come up with. We needed to provide the site administrators with a robust set of tools to manage thousands of products and give them flexibility to enhance the shopping experience as they saw fit. In short, the site needed to be highly adaptable.

Our approach to tackle the Challenge

Building a Framework to Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

The key to building the site Finlange needed was seamlessly integrating their massive catalog with a robust e-commerce platform. There was an additional challenge: As Finlange is a growing company, they have a growing product line. So we made sure that the catalog could handle an ever-growing product line. To ensure that the site was aesthetically engaging for users, we used visual concepts that focused on the products and enhanced and promoted user engagement.


We designed visual concepts that focused on products and usability to provide users with an aesthetically pleasing and fulfilling experience.

The Result

It is always rewarding when the hard work you put in to achieve your goals pays off, and for Finlange and CobbleWeb, that is exactly what happened. The website boosted showroom sales. The site was also effective in holding users' attention, as the retention rate increased by 300 percent. In short, the Finlange site is a sales generator growing the company's presence and successfully marketing their ideals. It is everything Finlange hoped for and more. Does your site exceed your expectations?

Website boosted the selling in the showroom,

Client coming from the showroom increased

Retention x 3

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