The Brief

Estate Student offers turn-key accommodation to professionals travelling to London. They work with the newcomers prior to their visit to learn their needs and space requirements to ensure they get the best flat possible.

Once the expatriates arrive in London, Estate Student take them to their new lodgings and remain available for the duration of their stay to address any accommodation concerns. By offering ongoing accommodation support, Estate Student solves one of the biggest challenges that professionals working abroad face.

Estate Student needed a platform that could present their service offering in an effective manner. CobbleWeb was proud help them develop a website that ticked all the boxes.




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Digital Strategy


The Challenge

Estate Student’s main challenge was creating an experience that would encourage prospects to become customers quickly. The nature of the Estate Student business model makes it easy for potential clients to hesitate and delay their decisions. All of the rooms are only available for long-term leases with a minimum term of six months. Since the target audience all live outside London, they need to make a rather large commitment solely based on the images they see on the website. Their hesitation is entirely understandable, but Estate Student needs to cut down on that period of delay. This must be done without sacrificing the customer experience or eroding their confidence that they made a good deal. To achieve this, Estate Student and CobbleWeb had to achieve two things.

Create interest

First, we needed to structure the website so that the expatriates can get all of the information potential clients need to be confident, they made a good decision without overwhelming or confusing them. The clients needed to get all the information they want and need without being buried by minutia.

Book a room

Second, there needs to be cross-selling for other amenities that'd enhance the client's experience. However, this cross-selling can not come at the expense of the primary goal of renting the turn-key accommodations; the different amenities should not become more of a distraction than benefit.

Our approach to tackle the Challenge

Building a New Solution

The focus of this project was to convert interested expatriates into paying clients. That is not an event; it’s a process, and we treated it as such. So we focused on every stage of outreach, from what ads the expatriates click on, to automated marketing emails that notify prospective clients informed of new updates, to the checkout process for new tenants. We studied what frustrated potential clients and caused them to click off to what interested customers and kept them moving forward. We emphasised keeping Estate Student’s conversion process on brand and generating leads, and we did it while keeping them under budget.

Design that inspires trust

It is important to note how important the visual aesthetic was to the site and to Estate Student’s brand. Tenants are very particular about the quality and visual appeal of the places they choose to live, and Estate Student had to demonstrate it could deliver on that promise from the very first contact. Since the first contact was going to be the website, the user experience and aesthetic had to be perfect. Much like Estate Student’s properties, the new website was customised with fine lines and provided an exceptional experience. The site sells and informs in one seamless effort. It is a site worthy of an industry leader like Estate Student.


Discovery Metrics

The key to building any great site is iteration. You need to set up a series of measurements, evaluate user behavior and adjust the site based on how people interact with different pages. Our process with Estate Student was similar. We implemented a series of metric tools to measure interactions and organised numerous user interviews.


Metrics for Marketing / Growth Hacking


We also tested how different bits of information about the properties, when displayed on the product page, impacted conversion rate, bounce rate and retention rate. We used these tests and measurements to better understand how users make decisions regarding finding a place to live.

The Result

Upon launch, the new website saw a huge 30 percent drop in bounce rate and conversions increased by more than 70 percent. The platform has allowed Estate Student to successfully launch new product ranges to broaden their offering. We continue to work with Estate Student to make the most of their digital marketing and help increase customer engagement and improve product sales. We are their partner, and it is showing on their bottom line. Couldn't you use a partner like that?

-30% bounce rate the first month

+70% conversion the first month

x3 turnover in 1 year

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