Senior full-stack PHP developer

February 7, 2018

Outstanding ideas need outstanding execution – We work closely with entrepreneurs and forward-thinking companies to launch websites and mobile applications. Our approach relies on Lean Startup Methodology, Design Sprint and Agile development.


About us:

We are an agency defined by its people. Real people stitched together by a passion for overcoming complex problems facing meaningful start-ups and forward-thinking companies and a passion for building products that will shape behaviours and change the lives of millions. From simple informative website to complex mobile apps, we’ve created an environment where creativity is cultivated. Where unconventional thinking is encouraged. Where great websites are driven by the power of great ideas.

Our team form a multidisciplinary team of digital strategists, lean experts, user experience designers, visual designers, growth hackers and technologists. In the heart of our team, we’re continually having lightbulb moments, embracing the unknown, and finding exciting new reasons to be passionate about our work.

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Why to work with us ? 

When you work with CobbleWeb, you are guaranteed to never be bored. We are not a cookie cutter website producer. Every project is going to have unique challenges and will demand the use of the newest technologies. Strategies will necessarily vary as you will have to maximise each site’s flexibility and speed while still accommodating the client’s specific needs. This is not a job for the faint of heart. Please visit our Portfolio to get more details about our achievements.


What we’re looking for ?

We are looking for a few good men and women with passion and purpose. Who believe that good UX and UI can mean more than just an easy to use website. Who know that the right design with the right content can be a transformative experience for the viewer and for the website’s owner. That a website can take an idea and convert it into enterprise. In other words, we are looking for developers just like us.


Our team-mate will:

and will be:



We are based in London and we are ready to help our team-mate to move in London if desired. But we believe that the world can be saved from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. We use modern tools like Jira, GitLab, Hipchat (similar to Slack), Jenkins, Selenium, Behat, etc. to make the work possible and smooth with the team.

Every quarter, we meet together somewhere in Europe a few days for a hackathon. Our organizational model is a mix of WordPress (remote work model) and Spotify (squad model).


When you start: