By creating an online store, you immediately obtain an international presence while simultaneously avoiding the cost and expense of a brick-and-mortar location. But an e-commerce platform only provides less friction – it does not eliminate it entirely. As an e-commerce vendor you still bear substantial risk by having to maintain inventory, so you need to optimise your sales technique so you can find buyers to minimise the cost of unsold products. You must find a way to get your products to your customers in a cost-effective manner. Finally, you need to be able to integrate your e-commerce platform with existing marketplaces like Amazon to ensure that your products get the greatest customer reach possible.

To achieve a frictionless site, while creating an online shop that stands out from the rest, you will need the best tech and the best partnership. You need CobbleWeb. Let’s see what we have to offer. 

Why Should you Go For a Custom E-Commerce?

Customising your e-commerce platform is required so you can stand out from your competition, connect with your customers, and provide a fulfilling experience.

Better User Customisation

Too many e-commerce sites are homogenised and provide a familiar experience at the cost of building a connection with their customers. Personal service is key at every stage of the buying experience. Provide a great user experience from start to finish, and you will secure a decisive competitive advantage.

Business Opportunities

Your online shop is part of a larger eco-system of internet commerce. To fully capture the advantages of a platform, you need to be able to integrate with existing platforms. By building a customised platform you can build partnerships that based on their business needs and not their technical demands.

Plug into world’s creativity

An e-commerce platform is composed of many layers. This composite allows you to substitute state of the art components as they develop to enhance your up-selling and cross-selling techniques. You can embrace the world as your coder base, letting you evolve at the pace of technology.

Scale Your Business

Scale Your Business

Generic e-commerce platforms can give you a quick start, but greatly limits your ability to scale because all of the components are coded in, making it difficult to pivot to more powerful new components. A customised platform allows for agility to address whatever new opportunities you encounter.

No Lock-In

No Lock-In

Many e-commerce agencies design platforms to lock their clients in so that no matter what happens going forward, their clients are going to rely on them for platform maintenance. We don’t believe in that; your e-commerce portal is yours. Our purpose is to help you on your terms.

The Most Popular Features We Built For Our Clients Since 2012

The features below will help you build a user centered shop that leverages the global ecosystem that is online retail, and all of the advantages that provides.

Multiple Payment Solutions

Protect your business by ensuring that you facilitate financial transactions in a way that is secure, easy, and efficient.

Search Engine Browsing

If your customers can’t find what they want you can’t make the sales you need. We can make browsing a breeze.

Inventory Management

Ensure that you never run out of the products your customer wants with exceptional inventory management.

Sales Funnel

Converting passive viewers to buyers is how you transform a website to a business. Let us optimise your purchase funnel.

Mobile Friendly

Your customers are on their phones; put your e-commerce site there too.


Speak your clients’ language, quote prices in their currency; adjust your platform to your market, don’t make your market adjust to you.


Don’t get lost in the crowd; optimise your Search Engine Optimisation so your customers find you.


Build a customisable shipping protocol to make delivery easy for your buyers and sellers.


Your brand is only as valuable as your reviews and reputation. Ensure that your platform can monitor these qualities with our help

Powerful Tech Under Hood

Powerful Tech Under Hood

Building an e-commerce platform that can handle complex pricing, flexible inventory management, and sophisticated technical SEO poses significant technical challenges. You need the best technology components available to meet your clients’ needs.

Choosing the right technology for any e-commerce platform is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we closely monitor and benchmark the best open sourced components.

Experiment, Collect and Evolve

Experiment, Collect and Evolve

Building a successful e-commerce platform is about making a series of choices: what should be displayed? What discounts should be offered? What product variations should be offered? This is something you can’t know; you can only learn it through experimentation and evolution.

Entrepreneurs are required to keep iterating to build better products to find those advantages that are crucial for success. We know how to iterate and will help you succeed.

Success stories

This project is an ecommerce. It offers turn-key accommodations to clients travelling to London. They needed to create an experience that would quickly turn site visitors to clients by creating interest and making it easy to book a room. After working with us, customer conversion increased by 70 percent while bounce rate decreased by 30 percent.

Yearly turnover increase
Yearly conversion increase

The project is a French boutique that sells baby and children clothing and accessories with a Finnish sensibility. They needed to generate sale inquiries both on the site and in brick-and-mortar stores and increase the amount of revenue per customer. After working with us, client’s website boosted showroom sales and increased customer retention by 3 times.

Website boosted the selling in the showroom
Yearly retention increase
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Analytics for Ecommerce

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